League Rules


All players have to be registered with the Club/League in order to participate in the games.

Playing Time:

Adult: 2 x 25 minutes

Youth: 2 x 20 minutes


Any team defaulting a game shall automatically be deemed to have lost the game by a score of 3 to 0.


Win: 2 points

Tie: 1 point

Loss: 0 point

Division Winner:

Team with the most points

Tie breaker of Division Winner:

Largest goal difference (goals scored less goals scored against)

Largest goal average (goals scored divided by goals scored against)

Most goals scored

Least goals conceded


a) Violent conduct, foul and/or abusive language: EJECTION FROM THE LEAGUE.

b) 1ST Red Card: 1 game suspension

2nd Red Card: 2 game suspension


Yellow cards: one game suspension after 3rd yellow card during regular play!

Playing rules:

Games will adhere to the Laws of Games for Futsal (AMF) with the following exceptions: Running clock, substitutions on the fly.

Playing Time For Each Division

Men and Women
2 x 25 minutes game time.

Youth Intermediate and Senior
30 minutes practice time and 2 x 25 minutes game time.

Youth Junior
30 minutes practice time and 2 x 15 minutes game time.